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About our office

The court bailiff’s office aims to optimise and shorten the work involved with enforcement proceedings. We aim all the time to introduce available resources to facilitate work and employ IT systems which support the bailiff in his work, including:

CEPiK – Central Driver and Vehicle Record
CEPiK is an IT system which gathers data and information on vehicles and their owners. The bailiff uses a computer program prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs which provides Internet access to the data and information stored by CEPiK.
Thanks to this, the bailiff can now access this data much faster. Thanks to fast Internet access to data, vehicles registered in the name of debtors can be quickly identified, which improves the efficiency of the enforcement proceedings and therefore also the collection of debts. The enquiry is free and has already been processed.

EPU – Electronic Reminder Procedure
EPU is intended for money claims and has already been introduced as a separate procedure for straightforward cases that do not require the submission of evidence. Under EPU, a payment injunction and enforceability clause will be issued only in electronic form and are available in the IT system. Once he has been granted a payment injunction and enforceability clause in EPU, a creditor may apply for enforcement proceedings to a bailiff of his choosing via the IT system.
You will find details on how to file an electronic application for enforcement proceedings on our website, under the tab “information on portal/Applying to the bailiff.

Ognivo system – enquiries to banks about a debtor’s bank account.
The Ognivo system permits an electronic exchange of information between the bailiff and banks when searching for the bank accounts of debtors. With this application, the bailiff sends an electronic enquiry to identify a debtor’s bank account. The application makes the search for bailiff’s enquires fully automatic – it checks in a bank’s system whether a given person is a customer of that bank and sends a response back to OGNIVO without the involvement of the bank’s employees. The number of banks participating in this program is increasing all the time. Each individual enquiry to a bank is payable, therefore a creditor wishing to submit an enquiry must pay a deposit to cover the charge. A list of banks participating in the Ognivo system is available on the website of Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa S.A. - Enclosed is a list of banks and scale of charges for enquiries..

PUE ZUS – The ZUS electronic services platform
An application provided by ZUS to bailiffs with which they can apply to identify a debtor who pays social insurance contributions, the number of his bank accounts and details of the pension benefits he receives. Thanks to the ZUS electronic services platform, time spent on sending enquiries can be saved. Sending correspondence by traditional post is eliminated – information from ZUS comes within 24 hours.

This is an internet portal which helps establish the exact location of a plot of land or building and obtain data on the property, including the number of the land register, on the basis of which one can establish whether the property belongs to the debtor.